Terms of payment

The first month’s rent and the deposit must be paid at the time of booking. At that time you will receive the confirmation and instructions to access the apartment.

A refundable deposit corresponding to one month must be paid to cover possible damages in the apartment.

The amount will be refunded at the end of the stay, provided that all conditions are met. The payment will always be made by bank transfer to the account that will be provided or in cash if the arrival is 24-48 days after the reservation was made. If the payment was made by bank transfer, the refund will be made in the same way and if the payment was made in cash, a transfer will be made to the indicated account.

Monthly payments will be made between the 1st and 5th of each month by bank transfer to the account of Estancias Temporales.Also, an extra cleaning charge of 50 euros will be applied when reasonable conditions of cleanliness and order in the apartment and the room are not respected when leaving the apartment.

The final balance of the stay will be included in the contract (deposit-extra expenses, such as excessive water or electricity costs + additional nights + other expenses). We will return the deposit minus the balance, if any, within a maximum of one month after your departure.

Arrival and departure

Arrival time will be until 15:00 and departure at 11:00.

If you wish to enter or leave the apartment before or after the established time, you must communicate it in order to organize, if possible, the changes. If finally it could be coordinated to change the time of arrival or departure, the additional cost will be 50 euros.


We have a maintenance service available to come if necessary.


Each reservation includes a weekly cleaning service of the common areas for two hours and the final cleaning of the stay.

Our guests’ common sense regarding cleaning is key, as they will only clean up to a certain level. They are not obliged to do more hours than contracted or to clean when there is a level of dirt that is not normal in our apartments (accumulating too much garbage, not keeping things clean).

The guest is responsible for cleaning their room, removing the waste generated and returning it in a reasonably clean and tidy condition.

Responsibility and rules

Any breach of the following rules will result in the non-refund of the deposit deposited

It is forbidden to accommodate in the room a higher number of guests than the number declared in the reservation, except with the express authorization of Estancias Temporales and upon payment of the price increase.

By making the reservation, the guest agrees to make proper use of the apartment, exempting Estancias Temporales from any liability for damages that this use may cause.

Animals may not be accommodated in the rooms

No parties or noises that may disturb other guests or neighbors. In short, no inappropriate behavior is allowed.

No smoking in the apartment

No damage to the furniture or household appliances

The tenant undertakes not to change the lock of his/her own room without the prior consent of the LANDLORD party, except in cases of emergency. In the event that the LESSEE loses part of or the entire set of keys, the LESSEE shall bear all costs related to the replacement of the lock and keys if necessary.

The lease may only be cancelled by the guest prior to the signed termination date for good cause that can be proven with documentation. In this case, the LANDLORD will subtract 100 euros from the refund of the deposit for the expenses incurred.

In the event that a justified case of force majeure cannot be proven, neither the first month’s rent (in case it occurs during that period) nor the deposit will be refunded.

If the guest would like to register in the house, he/she must stay a minimum of 3 months and the cost will be 50 euros. At the end of the contract, the guest must give the Temporary Stay a document stating that the cancellation of the registration is effective, if not, the Temporary Stay must make the cancellation and the cost for the guest will be 100 euros.

If it is necessary to make any repairs due to equipment failure in the rooms or in the common area and, for reasons beyond our control, the company undertakes to do so as soon as possible, but reserves the right to restore/repair the equipment within 10 working days. If we are unable to do so within this period, the tenant may cancel the contract without penalty (the remaining days of the month until the end of the contract, if any, and the deposit will be paid).

Claims policy

In case you are not satisfied with the service received, you can communicate it through our e-mail info@estanciastemporales.com and you will receive a reply within a maximum of 5 days.